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Roof trade fair / about this trade fair

    The roof trade fair is stepping up in order to present all significant manufacturers from the roof industry and their latest product developments to visitors in a consolidated and prepared manner.
    The roof trade fair represents an authentic trade fair (and not an internet industry portal).
    The roof trade fair seeks to establish positive contacts between the trade fare visitors and those exhibiting their products, which serve as a basis for subsequent business relations.
    The roof trade fair claims valuation and appraisal, which are similar to the actual roof leading fair even if - or particularly due to the fact - that the entire financial expenses are kept to a considerably more marginal level as employee costs, setup costs for the fair stand as well as travel and accommodation costs are eliminated for those exhibiting their products.
    At the roof trade fair, the information of the providers are tailored to a technical fair. Overloaded press releases will not be published at the fair stands as facts and their preparation in line with the times are central here.
    The roof trade fair also sees itself as an important supplement to the roof lead fair and an attractive opportunity to optimise marketing in conjunction with the real roof lead fair - better said: To close a marketing gap, which currently exists in the trade fair business.
    The most important supplements and optimisations are:
    • The year-round opening of the fair and as such, year-round accessibility of the bundled information. As such, the trade fair investments of the exhibitors are not "lost" following the term of the actual fair and a few subsequent press releases.
    • The elimination of arrival and department trips as well as hotel accommodation not to mention the possibility of planning the fair visit as desired in terms of time. This means that the roof trade fair results in a gain of approx. 100% visitor contacts for an exhibitor at the roof lead fair. This projection was produced from surveys, which determined that on a national level, approx. 40% of the interested professionals do not visit the actual fair solely due to time constraints and on an international level, approx. 65% of the interested professionals are not able to realise a visit to the fair.
    • Improved capacity for selection by product categories and work-saving features for the visitor such as watch lists and collective inquiries.
    • Increased up-to-datedness of new product developments between the times for the actual fair.

    We will not, in any case, charge high costs for exhibitioners as this aims to strengthen the market position of our partners, the exhibiting companies, in the sense of supplemental optimisation of an important marketing component.
    The alignment of the roof trade fair is purely long-term.
    We aim to make this trade fair as successful as is possible.
    This will be the most successful if all those involved recognise the value of this fair and contribute accordingly on their end.
    The exhibitors should prepare their information adequately and use as many of the features provided by our system (adequate texts, images, direct links, videos,) as possible and do so already based on their own interest.
    The visitors are requested to provide us with suggestions if they find something is missing or they aren't satisfied with an aspect. Only in this way can the continual improvement of the fair be ensured.
    We wish you a successful (trade fair)day.

    Your roof trade fair team